About Sheaff Brock

Sheaff BrockIn business for 15 years, Sheaff Brock currently has more than $1 billion in assets under management. Under the direction of its managing directors, Sheaff Brock employs professionals in financial planning, financial planning and compliance. It maintains its headquarters in Indianapolis, housing its research, portfolio management and client solutions teams there and additionally supporting it national representatives.

Sheaff Brock offers its clients a range of portfolio options, including IntelliBuilD growth portfolios, dividend growth and income portfolios, preferred stock and bond income, and alternative portfolios that feature a blend of foreign equity and currency investments. It also offers a range of specialized option overlay products that rely on index income and/or put income strategies. These various investment options allow the firm to meet the particular needs of each client, balancing return on investment with an acceptable level of risk.