Portfolio Investment Strategies with Sheaff Brock


Sheaff Brock

Sheaff Brock
Image: sheaffbrock.com

Sheaff Brock is an independent, fee-based registered investment advisory firm managing more than $1 billion in investments. Established in 2001, our investment team at Sheaff Brock strives to provide investment strategies to help you build and preserve your wealth.

The Sheaff Brock team offers a number of strategies designed to build and enhance portfolios for both growth- and income-oriented investors. Growth and income portfolio strategies include a Dividend Growth and Income portfolio, comprised of 25 stocks with a history of paying dividends, an outlook to increase their dividends and the opportunity for capital appreciation, and a Covered Call Income portfolio, which purchases stocks and writes/sells out-of-the-money options with the objective to earn consistent income and potential for capital appreciations. The Sheaff Brock investment team is also experienced with real estate income and growth portfolios. Income investment strategies range from a fixed-income offering to equities and option overlays.

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