About SBAuer Funds, Advisor to AUERX


 SBAuer Funds pic

SBAuer Funds
Image: sbauerfunds.com

Sheaff Brock, is an independent investment advisory firm located in Indianapolis, founded by Dave Gilreath and Ron Brock in 2001. Sheaff Brock serves a wide range of clients, offering many varied equity and bond portfolios aimed at growth and income. Sheaff Brock through its affiliation with SBAuer Funds, also makes available that company’s growth driven mutual fund, the Auer Growth Fund (AUERX).

SBAuer Funds is a limited liability company in Indianapolis that functions as an advisor to the Auer Growth Fund (AUERX). Initiated in 2007, AUERX was established with the objective of offering long-term capital appreciation to investors. AUERX invests in a multi-cap approach driven by values of common stocks listed on U.S. exchanges. The fund is targeted for aggressive investors and accepts a minimum investment of $2,000.

AUERX is led by Robert C. Auer, senior portfolio manager and founder of SBAuer Funds. A lifelong avid investor in the stock market, Auer has written more than 400 columns for the highly regarded Indianapolis Business Journal, and was a former vice president of investments at Morgan Stanley prior to launching the fund.

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