The Susan G. Komen Community Health Advisor Training Program

Susan G. Komen pic

Susan G. Komen

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sheaff Brock is an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm with over $1 billion in assets under management. Invested in its community, Sheaff Brock supports Susan G. Komen Central Indiana.

For 35 years Susan G. Komen has funded over $956 million in cancer research and $2.1 billion in medical care and community education programs, many of which serve women and men from low-income families.

In 2012 the nonprofit received a $1 million grant from KeyBank Foundation to develop the Susan G. Komen Community Health Advisor Training Program, an educational initiative providing essential breast cancer information resources to minorities and women who are medically underserved. Launched in 18 cities throughout the US, the community outreach program trains local leaders on breast health and breast cancer awareness, and then deploys these leaders to provide education to residents in underserved areas. The aim of the initiative is to increase good breast health practices and reduce breast cancer deaths.

In Indiana, where one of the programs was launched, women of color are more likely to die from breast cancer than Caucasian women. In particular, African American women are 42 percent more likely, while Hispanics are 20 percent more likely. Gaps in health care access contribute significantly to these disparities. Peer-to-peer education helps women in underserved areas find the information they need to get screened and gain access to proper health care.

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