The Financial Times Top 300 List

Financial Times Top 300 List pic

Financial Times Top 300 List

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the investment advisory firm Sheaff Brock manages assets in excess of $1 billion. Sheaff Brock offers its clients a variety of innovative investment portfolio options, and has been recognized by the industry publication Financial Times (FT) as one of the country’s 2016 top 300 advisory firms.

A leading business information and news organization, the Financial Times has published its top 300 list of investment advisors registered in the United States annually for the past three years. The FT 300 assesses registered investment advisers (RIAs) on a number of performance indicators.

In 2016, the FT invited over 1,500 RIA companies to complete the selection application and received 520 responses. The information provided, in conjunction with independent research that includes data garnered from regulatory filings, ensures the list contains only experienced and established advisory firms.

Presented as a select group as opposed to a list ranking the firms from one to 300, the FT considers several factors when calculating each RIAs numeric score, including key employee certifications, SEC compliance, asset growth, and online accessibility.


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